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You got me. You got me good Rubeki ;P
Great job and looking fwd to your next piece of work. Much respect.


This game actually scared me hahaha! Loved this one!!!

Definitely has a spooky atmosphere, but I got so turned around it was ridiculous! (I don't do well with 3d mazes lol) Despite my sass during the game (that's just a thing I do) I really enjoyed it!

I would like to say it's a nice game, but it scared me so no thanks XD

It's good. 

i just quit like 5 second when i went in to the dead end best game btw

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The most game that I love thank you

I made another video about the game because its it's awesome!!

I made a youtube video on this, Hehehe. Thanks for the game.

Creepy!!! Good job tho

Don’t even know how long this game was cause I couldn’t finish it, i got scared far too many times I jus couldn’t 😭😭


Not bad

This was a fun experience. Loved the old school vibe.

holy shit i live this game and it made me have to pee like 4 times i reconmend for people who like the hart chasing madness of something that looks like a dog 

Ok it was funny and a little scary when the creatures jumps out on you out of nowhere .... nice ...

Fun short experience with a strange twist at the end. Enjoyed it.

Good game,I like the graphics

Keep making games like this

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Yo. Bro, mind not stealing my thumbnail, and making your own? Plastering your face over my watermark and font does not make it any less obvious that that is My screencap and thumbnail. Be original.


I prevailed to the ending! Mission complete. Also The sound play to the monster was a nice touch 👍

(Your game starts at 20:05)

Well now, this was a delight... once I actually got out of the room the game starts in.

For a brilliantly spooky little experience as this is, there is just a slight problem with the otherwise svery stylistic low-poly graphics - they make it pretty difficult to figure out what you can interact with, and it actually took me a litle while to realize there was even a door at all in the room you start out in. That's somewhat my fault too, but at least adding a handle or a more distinct door frame would have saved a lot of trouble.

The spooky jorurney itself is great though, aside from the obligatory maze that I must admit I was never a fan of, but it was still more managable than many other cases I have encountered. One or two more subtle hints on the direction to go could really have streamlined the experience and made the route to the (intriguingly cryptic!) ending much smoother.

Either way, I was wonderfully spooked and enjoyed the playthrough a lot.


The jumpscare got me real good as I didn't expect any chasing or jumpscares, nearly made my girlfriend poop herself. That said, cleared it with only 1 death.

Great work, keep it up! :)

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A few notes.

Watched markiplier's let's-play today.

I'm currently running linux on a potato but the frames where really good, however I'm not sure if it was my potato resolution or the hit boxes not working correctly I did have to scan a wide area with my mouse to find the right area to interact.

Also pressing escape to exit the game on the first menu (main scene) didn't quit the game, I had to start the game first before escape would work. The menu after finishing the game worked will with escape however.

Other than those issues the game was excellent, I highly recommend. Wonderful work devs!

P.S To get through a maze always go left


Not going to lie, the maze was aggravating but, man, when I rounded that corner it was terrifying! Well done on this game!

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YO im nevilles taylor this horror game scared me shitless.i yelled like a little girl with the jump scares, very frightening especially with that monster coming out of nowwhere. Btw the graphics werent greatest but i did enjoy playing the game neither the less(:

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Yo. Bro, mind not stealing my thumbnail, and making your own? Plastering your face over my watermark and font does not make it any less obvious that that is My screencap and thumbnail. Be original.

game was awesome! thank you for making it, made me scream lol

Hello! I absolutely loved this game! It was really scary!

I like the maze theme, something is after you and you don't know where you're going is an insanely scary feeling. All the doors make you feel like something could be jumping out of them any second! The vents are very scary as well!

U did a good job at making this game!

If you want to see my reaction to the monster u should watch my video! ;)

Im going to be really honest the directions to objective was kinda hard to find Thats the only problem i could see but the rest of the game was Creepy and wellmade

This game literally almost gave us a heart attack! We loved the atmosphere and the monster was very creepy! 

Played through your game, had some fun and almost had a small heart attack, nice hahahaha.

But for real, I got a bit confused as of what the hell happened at the end but it's fine.

speedran your game 

One of the things I loved of the game was the final and the game over, because it reminds me Orange is the New Black :D THIS IS MY ITALIAN GAMEPLAY :) 

Gave it a go...

Really good work on this game I loved it very scary.


HA LOVED IT :D I LITERALLY SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL WHEN YOU FIRST SEE THAT .....THING! check out the gameplay its at the 5min mark! :D Enjoy, warning i make weird sounds when im frightened haha

This game frustrated me BUT I liked it anyway haha

Awesome little horror game with some creepy sounds, decent layout and even a maze I didn't get annoyed by easily. The monster is a great threat, making sounds and patrolling but easy to run away from, and the ending shows theres a bit more thought into it then just "Get to the end without dying"

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This game was crazy. I liked. The ending was a little confusing but it was fun nonetheless!

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and i was honestly left with more questions than answers? The game left me going "WAT!?" (In a good way 😊) Though, there are some pretty questionable design choices, I really enjoyed this game! 7/10. If you interested in hearing my thoughts, I give a FULL in-depth and honest review in the "Review Portion" of my video below! 

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