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I have to live first

This game freaked me out me so much and had me sweating with anxiety. Simple and straightforward, with spooky atmosphere and often startling scares. 


My girlfriend and I just finished playing this.  Pretty dang freaky the whole time.  My only real complaint is that while the earlier sections are pretty easy to navigate and the objectives are clear, the last section was so dark and featureless that I ended up going in circles and getting lost a lot.  Maybe that was intended, but I would've liked a little more clarity on where to go and where I'd been.  Still worth the struggle, though, would love a full-length version of this with even more story to uncover.


Glad you enjoyed it!

I get that feedback a lot about the final area. I did want the player to be punished a little ...

But I went overboard. My future games will definitely not have large mazes.

Thanks for the feedback :)


I featured this game in my charity stream, starts at 58:00


Is there an option to turn off the PSX effect? if so I would gladly pay twice the price.. that to me takes away from the games I see.. I'd love the option.

If not I'll pass on this one.. 


Oh boy, what a hottake.

Here's a walkthrough if you get lost! 


Tried out the Full Game...

The demo was super fun and also induces panic quite quickly , the art style is great too it was a joy to experience ill be sure to look into the Hollow Head DC very soon ! Great game 😊👍

atleast change the default unity viewbob/footsteps, they're really ugly.

Hello Rubeki, here is a link to be a contributer for the 

💀 Spooky jam 💀

Click here.

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Finale and endings :D

I enjoyed this one. I normally hate jump scares but you kept them to a minimum and even had a nice encounter at the end. 

Aw ye Director's Cut! New Sexy thumbnail that I pray won't get as stolen as my previous thumbnail for the original game lmao.

I just purchased and can't download it says Pre-Order but people are saying they've played it...

Try now!

this game is terrifying!

honestly one of the best horror games i've ever played.

cant wait for the directors cut to come out, keep up the good work!

Short and sweet, well done!

Nicely done!


I really liked this. The monster was terrifying and the overall atmosphere was creepy.

Played your game in today's 3 random horror games video and firstly I have to say I loved the PS1 style to the game, especially since I'm someone that never played a PS1 game before this was the closest I'll ever get so thanks for that, however the monster was quite lame but at least it made me laugh lmao, the way it crawled on the floor was too funny! Anyway, I enjoyed it so nice job! :) 


You got me. You got me good Rubeki ;P
Great job and looking fwd to your next piece of work. Much respect.


This game actually scared me hahaha! Loved this one!!!

Definitely has a spooky atmosphere, but I got so turned around it was ridiculous! (I don't do well with 3d mazes lol) Despite my sass during the game (that's just a thing I do) I really enjoyed it!

I would like to say it's a nice game, but it scared me so no thanks XD

It's good. 

i just quit like 5 second when i went in to the dead end best game btw

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The most game that I love thank you

I made another video about the game because its it's awesome!!

I made a youtube video on this, Hehehe. Thanks for the game.

Creepy!!! Good job tho

Don’t even know how long this game was cause I couldn’t finish it, i got scared far too many times I jus couldn’t 😭😭


Not bad

This was a fun experience. Loved the old school vibe.

holy shit i live this game and it made me have to pee like 4 times i reconmend for people who like the hart chasing madness of something that looks like a dog 

Ok it was funny and a little scary when the creatures jumps out on you out of nowhere .... nice ...

Fun short experience with a strange twist at the end. Enjoyed it.

Good game,I like the graphics

Keep making games like this

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Yo. Bro, mind not stealing my thumbnail, and making your own? Plastering your face over my watermark and font does not make it any less obvious that that is My screencap and thumbnail. Be original.


I prevailed to the ending! Mission complete. Also The sound play to the monster was a nice touch 👍

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