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YO im nevilles taylor this horror game scared me shitless.i yelled like a little girl with the jump scares, very frightening especially with that monster coming out of nowwhere. Btw the graphics werent greatest but i did enjoy playing the game neither the less(:

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Yo. Bro, mind not stealing my thumbnail, and making your own? Plastering your face over my watermark and font does not make it any less obvious that that is My screencap and thumbnail. Be original.

game was awesome! thank you for making it, made me scream lol

Hello! I absolutely loved this game! It was really scary!

I like the maze theme, something is after you and you don't know where you're going is an insanely scary feeling. All the doors make you feel like something could be jumping out of them any second! The vents are very scary as well!

U did a good job at making this game!

If you want to see my reaction to the monster u should watch my video! ;)

Im going to be really honest the directions to objective was kinda hard to find Thats the only problem i could see but the rest of the game was Creepy and wellmade

This game literally almost gave us a heart attack! We loved the atmosphere and the monster was very creepy! 

Played through your game, had some fun and almost had a small heart attack, nice hahahaha.

But for real, I got a bit confused as of what the hell happened at the end but it's fine.

speedran your game 

One of the things I loved of the game was the final and the game over, because it reminds me Orange is the New Black :D THIS IS MY ITALIAN GAMEPLAY :) 

Gave it a go...

Really good work on this game I loved it very scary.


HA LOVED IT :D I LITERALLY SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL WHEN YOU FIRST SEE THAT .....THING! check out the gameplay its at the 5min mark! :D Enjoy, warning i make weird sounds when im frightened haha

This game frustrated me BUT I liked it anyway haha

Awesome little horror game with some creepy sounds, decent layout and even a maze I didn't get annoyed by easily. The monster is a great threat, making sounds and patrolling but easy to run away from, and the ending shows theres a bit more thought into it then just "Get to the end without dying"

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This game was crazy. I liked. The ending was a little confusing but it was fun nonetheless!

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and i was honestly left with more questions than answers? The game left me going "WAT!?" (In a good way 😊) Though, there are some pretty questionable design choices, I really enjoyed this game! 7/10. If you interested in hearing my thoughts, I give a FULL in-depth and honest review in the "Review Portion" of my video below! 

This game lulled me into a false sense of security and then devastated me... It was good! Only issue was the big door in the first room xD I didn't know it was a door. 


very cool game love the graphics and the style of them. also like the monster and how you put mystery of what he looks like before you run into him and his is killing you lol cant wait to see more games.  

This was an awesome game that really puts you in the place of the playable character. The lack of sight mixed with the sounds allowed you to be susceptible to the jump scares. Only problem I had with the game was the endings which were very confusing trying to think through them. Great job. 

Cool scary game mhann when I saw  the monster I got the shit out of there

Just had to uninstall it! Scared the crap out of me! Really great idea. 

p.s. you might want to put a warning that viewers with fears of darkness, ghosts or blood may not want to play this game.

Overall, a well-thought out, spooky game! Thumbs up from me :)

ya all of a sudden a monster came out of no where and i closed the game xD


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Good game :) made a video of it. dont take any criticism seriously we just like to complain about things

This game was a TON of fun! :D

Very intense gameplay! The limited sight distance adds a great measure of creepiness! I had a lot of fun with this one. Here's my playthrough;

Great short horror game! 

Lots of little sounds to keep things creepy and the monster made me jump pretty good the first time I saw it.

Short and creepy just how I like em.

The atmosphere was great!! i made a video on the game :D

Spooky and scary. I'm so scareeeeee

I really enjoyed this game! I was even bit surprised that there was two endings and how the characters didn't act same! Very well done, i was freaking anxious when i played this game. I made video as well, it's the first game of video

Really enjoyed this! Great atmosphere, great sound effects and interesting idea/story! This game was the first one in the video, and really showed off my psychotic side lol 

I really really enjoyed this game !

it's just a good horror game !

here's my gameplay with a bonus montage of me being murdered at the end XD

Amazing game, scared the hell out of me even while in a lit room talking with a friend, can't imagine how freaked out i would have been if it were dark and i was alone lol. I've got a love for horror and a soft spot for old school Playstation style graphics so this was right up my alley and did not disappoint!

WOW I LOVE THIS! Was scared the entire time! One problem, when I went downstairs to the garbage room, I walked into the wall and well, fell out of the world.

Thanks! Where was the bug exactly? I'd like to patch it :P

Basically, after the lights went out when i walked into the wall behind me I fell out of it. Same problem happens if you walk into the elevator before the power goes out and you haven't thrown away the trash.

Oh, that was actually fixed in a newer version!

Creepy game! Tough choices! Really dig the atmosphere!

Loved this game, really spooky. Made a video of it with both endings and some of my thoughts on what might have happened.

Really good game, got me good. Played it as part of my 2 random horror games.


This game was so terrifying and yeah amazing game 100/100

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