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A unique concept

Second game in the video. My girlfriend wanted to know why we had to sacrifice shark heads to the gods. :P

It's not a shark head! It's a processed human torso

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Ohhh! Well, *I* know that now. The missus thought they were shark heads, haha.

My playthrough of your game

Paid my dues, made it through. (WOOP WOOP WOOP)

-Nathan Feuerstein

Given that I have a weird fear of heights, I found this one to be quite amazing! Especially loved the creepy atmosphere of isolation! Great job!


If you liked this, you should try out the demo for my new game, Lorn's Lure :)

Joguei faz um tempo e gostei!

Amazing! We had so much fun playing it! Hope to see a sequel, it has so much potential 💪🏼! Keep it up! 

I remember as a kid, I had a nightmare where i was underwater somewhere in the ocean, and all out of a sudden a gigantic corpse-like being appeared out of nowhere and came straight towards me.

This game basically was my dream played out irl.

I'm very sorry. You must have been terrified


Nah it was cool. Loved the game!

I played your game in my video - 16:29 - 

Greetings brother, I really appreciate your hard work to this game. The story of this game......really felt it.

Pretty good but i really want more scare!!! Just my opinion :)


Really really liked this game. The atmosphere is top notch and I loved the reveal at the end without showing too much. I talk in the video about how this reminded me of Hatch and then I saw you're the same dev! Definitely going to check out your other games as well.

I played this game on my stream. I didn't think there would be a monster initially, but I was hoping for a cutscene or for you to be able to climb onto the monster for a greater vertical advantage to get to another area. Solid 9/10, could be longer.


I liked it! Strangely, it reminded me of Thief. I guess that's because it's heavy with atmosphere. Good job!


Deleted post

I like the game, well done! Played on Mac mini M1 8GB


Water is precious

The atmosphere is both dreadful and liberating. This is a breathtaking little game!

Fleshing out this concept to its full potential would work wonders.

Well, the ambience is what stood out to me. The sound effects and foggy visuals sell you the dreary atmosphere. You could probably polish the climbing mechanic. By that I mean that it wasn't always clear what can and what can't be climbed on. 

Also I really dig the low poly texture look of the game. But that's a personnal preference.

Not gonna lie, the ending didn't make sense at all and kind of pissed me off. It just ends with the top of a head of this beast. Unless I'm missing something. In summary, really cool climbing mechanics, ending kind of killed the experience.


For me it implied you were going to feed yourself to the creature, because there wasn't enough food? 

I've played both Kill the K.O.T.H and DUE, and I absolutely love both these games. Simple, but fair climbing mechanics, fantastic atmospehere and endings that give me chills. I look forward to playing more games like this!


Glad to hear!

Stay tuned for Kill The KOTH dev log updates; I am planning to make it a commercial game after some polish.

I also plan on making a sandbox mode people to play around with new mechanics / ideas I have until the commercial version has a solid development / marketing plan.


Loved the atmosphere, ambiance and the fog!

Great textural experience.

Reminded me of this (very depressing!) short horror movie - CURVE.

Sick vibe!

Glad you liked it

Cool short! Thanks for posting it. Reminds me of some of my earliest nightmares.


Awesome! Never seen climb mechanics working as well as these!

I was left a bit disappointed by the short lenght of the game, though... will you consider making a longer version? That's a nice game with an interesting concept I'd be willing to pay for!


I am actually working on a full game using this climbing mechanic. It will be a remake of Kill the K.O.T.H.

Check it out here:


I'm playing Kill the KOTH - awesome!

I really hope that remake will come out soon!

Congratulations again, it's rare to find such an unusual and innovative game!


Rubeki, the link to Kill the KOTH is broken. Can you fix it, please?

Woops! Thanks, should be fixed now


I loved the mechanics that you used to explore the world.

It felt refreshing to not be herded through a corridor and being allowed to find your own way.

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I liked the game, I found it very interesting and different... I had a little difficulty in relation to the sensitivity of the game, but nothing that got in the way ^^


I don't know what everyone is liking about this, the map is really small and there is no ending for getting to the top.


Joking aside, the game is fun, played thisa after "Kill the K.O.T.H." and I can see where you have improved since you made Due which is cool.

One complaint is that the game doesn't reconise it if you trick the weight system by jumping on it and back off of it.


Haha, awesome! You found the only secret :)

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The climbing system was quite fun to use, really atmospheric, and the size of all the ancient seeming structures really hit the idea of a giant eldritch god home! Would love to see you expand upon this in the future!


I love this. The movement on the climbing is really neat. Reminds me a bit of Breath of the Wild (in a good way). And the atmosphere is really cool. As others have said, great feeling of scale to it. Do you have plans to expand this or use these ideas in another game?

This was excellent. Atmospheric, very slick and intuitive movement and mechanics, doesn't handhold you too much. The sense of being amongst something literaly and figuratively bigger than you was very strong.

Thank you! I'm glad the mechanics were intuitive, and that the scale hit home :)

Absolutely beautiful game. The climbing mechanics were cool, and the sense of scope was fantastic. Really cool ending as well. Any suggestions I would've had are already mentioned in your known-jank section. Great job!

Glad you liked it! You should update it now for some reduced jank that I just published :)

The stamina bar really helps, thanks! I did run into a sound bug while climbing—if you climb off the side of an object, the sound will keep playing until you start and stop climbing again.

The feel of the size is just perfect. The climbing mechanic feels very intriguing. 3rd game in video - timecode 23:41

Thank you - your voice is very soothing

I made a speedrun of your game!! And I it's the world record!! Surprisingly I win the speedrun without loosing, hope you like my video _rubeki

Oh nooo, you missed the ending!

Didn't know sorry! I found a bug in your game, when I start playing, sometimes it drags me to the main menu

Hmmm. Are you pressing Esc, or Return?

When you start the game, during the intro, if you press Esc, it will go back to the menu, and if you press Return, it will skip the intr

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No way dude, when I play the game sometimes it drags me to the main menu, I think I am the stupid who is clicking it, but I am not!! The speedrun was a lie!

I made some fixes, you should try it again :)


aw ye gonna jump into this when I wake up.

Haha, given your playthrough for Hatch, this will be a walk in the park for you :P

very excited to play this dude!!

Let me know what you think! :)