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cant wait for the steam game to get be finished


I played your game 

This game is super nice, more levels! :)

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Hey Rubeki,

when I posted my playthrough of your game here I made a joke that I broke the speedrun world record. 

Well, I actually made a page for the game on (hope you don't mind) and I am now world record holder! This joke took a lot longer to get approved than I expected but, there you go

Very cool! If you like speedrunning, you're in for a treat with my next release  based on this game :)

I loved the game and the atmosphere especially the emptiness and the ambient sound.

Only thing to fix for the next game, would love to see the coyote jump mechanic.


Hi, Rubeki!

Having played through Hatch and Due, I can say you've really got the climbing mechanic nailed now! It feels really smooth and not janky at all. 
I don't know whether it's because Hatch's was slightly different or because this was slightly shorter, but I managed to get the to top at world record pace and I'm just waiting for the run to be verified on

Anyway, I really love the fact you've basically made your own genre of artistic, and beautiful game that revolves around climbing. It's very unique, and always fun to climb whatever awesome low poly thing you throw our way!

Great job, as per usual!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:


Thanks for playing! Enjoyed your video as usual.

This is a completely different mechanic from Hatch - I  used Due to test it, and This game to test it further. There is also a new climbing mechanic I made that allows you do go around corners  FYI. It's also  more forgiving if you miss-press the jump button. You can test it out in the Beta Sandbox if you're curious :)

And for anybody else seeing this, Vo0do0leW is a wonderful Youtuber - you should definitely check out his channel!


Hi, I just played the Beta. I think the overall experienced improved since the last time I tried your game. And I actually reached the top this time! 

When I run, reach the edge of a platform and am about to jump, I quite often start falling too early, and miss the opportunity to jump. I thought I was still on the platform, when actually I wasn't. Am I the only one feeling like this?

I came across a bug however. I'll share a clip on your Discord server. 


Glad you reached the top!

I responded to the feedback Discord :)

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