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Loved this game for the first 30 minutes, and then there seemed to be no more checkpoints and the only way to climb one section was on the side of the sun... which meant restarting from the same checkpoint 10 minutes back about 10 times... at which point I gave up and uninstalled it. 

Shame, as the first 30 minutes was great, and the checkpoints for that section seemed fine. 

It'd be better without the sun imho.


I love this so much, one of the ones I keep coming back to from the bundle.

The atmosphere is perfect and getting into the flow of just climbing is really relaxing and beautiful

Great work!


Of the dozen or so games I've tried out the huge bundle so far this is the first one that really jumped out as something more than just good or worthwhile. It reminds me a bit of Tiny & Big or TRI: of Friendship and Madness not in terms of mechanics but in terms of a certain kind of... indie energy, these ideas large in scope that these small teams managed to wrangle and mold into something that feels unique and of their very own. I've never bothered to leave a comment on itch before, but this game basically left me with no choice but to do so and say truly well done.

After a certain point I realized I had not seen those black rods with glowing tips that indicate a checkpoint in quite a long time and what followed was the most tense set of jumps I may have made in a game in my life.

I have no idea how one would beat this game in 30 minutes on their initial climb, it took me about two hours...

Thank god I only discovered this game once it allowed you to save your progress :)

Thanks for the high praise!

And thanks for introducing me to two interesting games :)


I climbed to the top.

It was fun and yet made me anxious! Haha some jumps made me sweat beads. I do wish for one thing...allowing us to jump off at the end just feel length of the whole tower. Your game is the second one in the video. Around 4min mark.

Technically, you cooooould jump off right before you reach the top :D

haha that is true. Does the sun get disabled after reaching a certain height? Just for fun I might just jump and see how far I can go.

It does, but if you go back down it will also re-enable. But if you're on the right side of the tower you can make it all the way down!

Hi, your game seems interesting but i'm french and my keyboard isn't an qwerty, is there a way to remap the controls ?

Thank you

I'm sorry, I don't know how to implement the re-mapping

Ok no pb i'll setup my keyboard in linux to qwerty to play the game. Thank you


Really fun, didn't really fall down (fell down twice on the second to last jump back to some of the rebar and one jump that should have happened that failed, but besides that nothing) and it still took me 31 minutes to beat. And I just love that atmosphere, kind sad I didn't get to explore after getting to the top but makes sense to leave it to the imagination.

Now that I've seen what the creator can do for a full game I'm really excited for the next full game.

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That second to last jump is the one I'm stuck on. I've tried it several times and I miss by inches. Once, I missed the pipe on the way back down and fell so far that it took 10 minutes to get back. :(

That jump will give me nightmares.

Love this game.

Very atmospheric and unique, made a lot of progress.

Then I fell down.

Good job overall!

A quick 5 minute look at Hatch for!

This game is visually beautiful, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into the creation of the game. 

The gameplay is a simple idea, but is completely open ended and doesn't hold your hand by telling you which way you should go, and lets you discover your own way to go.

Some players might find that a bit too challenging, and I think I fall into that camp. That being said that doesn't mean the game is unenjoyable, if anything it just pushes you on to try and get further, if you have the time and patience to do so.

Really excellent work Rubeki, I really look forward to your future work!

Here's a playthrough for anyone interested:

Enjoyably bizarre! Kind of a puzzle solving element to the way you climb.. oh yes, and FUN!


Fun times, but if you enjoy climbing games like this and more? Team Fortress Classic has you covered