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Check out the beta sandbox to test it out. Please report bugs here, or on the discord server!


SANDBOX -- Windows 57 MB
Jun 01, 2020
SANDBOX -- Windows -- BETA 35 MB
Jun 07, 2020
SANDBOX -- Mac 37 MB
Jun 01, 2020

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I tried the sandbox and this is overall quite fun. I like the fact the game is technical, i.e. you have to consider the distance carefully before taking jumps. But I like even more the fact that you basically made a climbing puzzle in which figuring out your way up is half the fun. 

I have some constructive criticism however. In my experience at least, when climbing, switching from one side to another worked less than half the time. It felt very inconsistent. Also, there were a few times where I barely missed a jump, and I wasn't sure if I wasn't timing my jump properly or I just wasn't supposed to make that jump, and so the game didn't convey this information well. 

Looking forward to seeing the game improve!

Could you add me to your Discord server?

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you have a twitter account? I can send you a personal discord link if you DM me. I have no idea why these public ones don't work!

re: the climbing. It would be good to discuss on discord in detail.

One note is that when you're on a wall and jump off, the jump force is applied in the direction you're looking at. So the angle you're looking at matters.

As for the cornering (switching faces?) That is something I need to work on. Highlighting specific examples or areas in the sandbox will help! :)


Oh, men, uploading gameplay at YT right now

Awesome! Feel free to upload here :)