Something New ... !!! DEMO !!!

I've been quiet for a while - hard at work on an alpha demo for my next project - Lorn's Lure.

I can finally say, the demo is now here!

  • It takes roughly 1 hour to complete the first time (on average)
  • This demo represents one area in the game. There will be roughly 6 more, of equal (or more) length in the full release.
  • There is saving and loading, so feel free to take a break
  • It's an alpha, so don't expect bells and whistles, I just wanted to showcase the core mechanics, flow, atmosphere, and story, as well as get feedback from the wider public
  • Secret controls: Press P for picture mode, and V for video mode.  P disables UI and climbing picks, while video mode disables only the UI

You can download it on

Or on Steam here:

Regardless of where you download it from, please wishlist on Steam, since it helps boost the game's popularity!

It's time to climb!

Get Kill The K.O.T.H.

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