Need Your Help!

Hey everyone,

I was thinking of turning Kill the K.O.T.H. into a full game based on the positive reception.

I'm not sure what direction to take it, so I need your help!

I am deliberating between 3 options that I am equally inspired by, and motivated to do. So I need your help deciding!

1) Continuous open world adventure/platform puzzler (The Witness, Metroid Prime)

2) Level portals from a central hub (Quake, Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie)

3) Linear adventure (Inside, Half-life)

You can let me know in the comments what you'd prefer, or by completing this survey on twitter:

Thanks in advance!

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3 I freakin love half life! I don't know which help do you want but if you wanted to make a FPS game, that would be awesome!


I just noticed the tweet has 2) for both the second and third option.


In my opinion the third option would be most interesting, one continuous adventure with evolving environments rather than just going into different levels

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I feel like this goes for one too, though I can see it being a lot harder to add an open world and not as easy to tell a story/make the adventue as curated in the format.


Really glad you're continuing development. It's a great game! I'd probably go for option 1 but I'd also like to see something that's about being "King of the Kill" with online leader boards.

The person with the fastest time to the summit could leave their name and a message there. People would then climb up and kill that King of the Hill and if anyone gets a faster time then they get to be King of the Hill.

To prevent one person from being King of the Hill forever you could alter the layout each week/month and the person who was King of the Hill for the retired course could be added to a Hall of Fame. (There's a racing game called Vecter that has a good implementation of this).

Keep up the great work! :)


Well, the first option sounds really cool, but the third option also really sounds interesting to me as it could have a really good atmosphere - you are just stranded on this huge, seemingly neverending mountain and your only option is to go forward. But at the end, you should do what you feel most comfortable with. 

Either way, I will definitely be looking forward to it as the climbing mechanics were really fun. Have fun and good luck!

I totally agree with "But at the end, you should do what you feel most comfortable with.", but not because the poll is not going my favour I swear.


xDDD of course.

So what would you like to do the most?

Definitely the first option, there are so many cool things that could be done with it, some of which I mentioned in my reply had was timed events in the world where some structures are only avaliable to access at the right time and place, with information spread around in the world that tells you where and when it happens, so you might backtrack to a tower you went to very early on because something floating gets real close to it at a certain time, which you only learned about long after doing the tower.


Hmm, sounds definitely interesting and unique. I like that idea!

Definitely think the first option would be really cool. It would have that "see that mountain, you can climb it" it feel but with good climbing, like Shadow of the Colosses where the large structures (much like they are in the place of the colossi) are where there is chanlange, but there can also be fun in climbing arould the world between them.

Oh and what could even lean more into that interesting world is events that happen only at certain times, ones that you might stuble into if you are really lucky or more likely you find hints to when and where these things happen, such as a door that only opens are just the right time of day or moon light at the right phase of the moon. A more amitious kind of event could be some floating structure that only gets close to some towers at a certain time.

I'd say the third option could also be cool, though it gives less freedom for exploration, not just the freedom of choosing which montain to climb, but also exploring things that isn't marked and could be nothing, but could also be some cool place to climb up.

Hello! I suggest adding more plot, including more information about the villain. Maybe, if you can manage that, several missions with different "targets" hitman-style!

Ok, that sounds a bit like option 2 to me