The Road To Beta

I have finally reached a point where the entire game is playable end to end.

Although I can't show anything from the last level due to spoilers, I will say that you get a grappling hook :)

You can see it in the footage below along with the new simulation level aesthetic though!

I'm now taking a stab at re-doing the first level more in the style of the first demo (some of you may remember). Lots of folks brought up how that one felt more open and didn't involve boring long climbing sections. So I'm taking the best of both demos and mashing them together!

Beyond this, it's all about details:

  • One more level design sweep just to make sure gameplay progresses nicely and story points aren't missing
  • Cutscenes
  • Revamp of the dialogue system to support localization
  • Taking a stab at redesigning the HUD to be less intrusive
  • Revamping the Hints system aesthetic
  • I may add some style to the Scanning system
  • I may re-implement the menu and settings system
  • Adding some environmental life (lights, precipitation, environmental sounds, etc.)
  • Finalizing the music
  • Create the crystal levels
  • A few bug fixes
  • Beta
  • Address beta feedback and bug fixes
  • Steam Achievements

That may seem like a lot, but I feel lighter given how much is done already.

Until next time!

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let's gooooo

0.5 (Techincal) Lorns left.

Congrats on getting the game playable end to end!  The game looks better every time I see it.  Good luck getting to beta!

Hi! Looking great, can't wait to play! My suggestion would be an Accessibility menu, with cheats such as No Fall Damage, Infinite Climb, Noclip (for Virtual Photography screenshots.) These would help players who dig the #aesthetic and love to explore, chill in a game's atmosphere - and are less interested in teh Real GamerTM 'git-gud' challenge *rolls eyes*. Signed, a Filthy Casual ;-)