And Happy New Year!

So I passed my 2023 goal..... HOWEVER - the closed beta is very very close to launching.

I just need to add a few final touches - so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say January it will launch!

Now a few of us in the Discord have always thought the word Beta didn't make much sense. It's the second letter in the Greek alphabet, but it's the last build before launching?

Long story short, the closed beta will now be dubbed, the "Omega Build". Since it's the final build before release.

What has changed since the last update?

  • New Android design - now not just a single texture over the whole body :P
  • All cutscenes complete (in between scenes, not during)
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Added a few requested settings
  • Better picture and video mode implementation
  • Speedrun mode is now not the default!
  • Some gameplay improvements
  • All music was finished by Phrakture Music , Lorn's Lure's contract musician
  • Better UI scaling
  • Hold Interact to skip cutscenes vs press
  • A bunch more things!

What's left?

  • Minor cleanup
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Steam Deck testing
  • Actually figuring out how to run the beta through Steam

I don't have a fancy micro dev log this time since I'm hard at work putting the Omega Build together, so I hope the lists above can suffice for now - let's leave things as a surprise!

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